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Lady & Mr. Marmalade article

"Fifth of a Farm Creations busts a jam" 

- Grid Magazine  April 2016


"It's their jelly that grabbed our attention, perhaps because it's one of the few preserves that has yet to have a renaissance. Until now."  

- Wall Street Journal Bits & Bites  October 2011

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All Natural Jams & Jellies


 Fifth of a Farm Creations is a family owned and operated business  located in Philadelphia, PA.  All of our jams and jellies are hand  crafted in small batches using all natural ingredients. 

Each product is named for an historic Philadelphia neighborhood


 Fifth of a Farm Creations is registered with the Pennsylvania Department  of Agriculture; the Philadelphia Department of Health; and is ServSafe  Certified. 

All of our products are manufactured at: 

The Good Ship Kitchen
Philadelphia,  PA 19145 

Each jam is a jar full of joy!


 Our no-hassle shipping policy ensures that you are satisfied.   The products you receive will be exactly as we describe them on this  site. Our reputation for outstanding service and delectable food is  well-deserved. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Need a gift  for someone? Don't stress! Fifth of a Farm Creations is here to save the  day! 


 Fifth of a Farm Creations 
 Philadelphia, PA 19144

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Fifth of a Farm Creations

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